Russia Postal History - Stampless Covers

Year: 1857
Description: "Odessa 11 Dekab 1857" boxed black cancel on folded lettersheet to Bucharest
PRICE: $75.00 Buy
Year: 1859
Description: "1859 odessa.." dimondshape cancel on folded letter to Constantinopol
PRICE: $50.00 Buy
Year: 1864
Description: Dimondshape cancel on follded lettersheet to Marceillle
PRICE: $45.00 Buy


Year: 1817
Description: Folded lettersheet with single line OSTROV in black cancel
PRICE: $250.00 Buy


Year: 1844
Description: Straight line Pavlograd cancel (unrecorded in Standart cat.) alongside with boxed Riga (recieved) on folded lettersheet
PRICE: $500.00 Buy


Year: 1823
Scott: 2581823
Description: Folded lettersheet with a clear strike "PECHORA 1823 FEB 28" a rare item from small Siberian town located in COMI district of Russia
PRICE: $300.00 Buy


Year: 1805
Scott: 2601805
Description: Straight lline PERNOV in russian on folded lettersheet to St Petersburg written on June 12.1805
PRICE: $250.00 Buy
Year: 1853
Description: Folded lettersheet from Karis, Pernov bi-lingual arrival dated cancel
PRICE: $50.00 Buy
Year: 1861
Description: "Pernov 15 fevr 1861" c.d.s to Germany
PRICE: $50.00 Buy


Year: 18..
Description: Folded lettersheet to Finland, Petrozavodsk circular date cancel
PRICE: $100.00 Buy


Year: 1873
Description: Express mail official letter with Vinnitsa arrival c.d.s
PRICE: $50.00 Buy


Year: 1827
Description: Circular date stamp 'Pskov 1827 oct 21" on folded lettersheet to Pernov
PRICE: $75.00 Buy
Year: 1830
Description: Circular date stamp "Pskov 1830 Mar .." on folded lettersheet to Pernov
PRICE: $100.00 Buy

Polangen (Kurland Gov.)

Year: 18..
Description: Earliest recorded cancel on folded lettersheet to Riga from boarder customs
PRICE: $300.00 Buy


Year: 1851
Description: Starit line cancel in black, on folded lettersheet to Alexandropol (Armenia)
PRICE: $250.00 Buy
Year: 1857
Description: Double line alongsid with single line Putivl cancel on folded lettersheet to Alexandropol (Armenia)
PRICE: $250.00 Buy