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Russia Postal History - Disinfected Mail


Year: 1813
Description: Folded lettersheet from St.Petersburg to Hamburg
PRICE: $150.00 Buy
Year: 1817
Description: Folded lettersheet to Triest
PRICE: $150.00 Buy
Year: 1840
Description: Folded lettersheet to Italy, boxed black "Odessa 27 Sent. &red straight line arrival pmks, desinfection holes and sc
PRICE: $150.00 Buy
Year: 1846
Description: Folded lettersheet from Constantinopol to Odessa with desinfectection pinholes and scissors cuts,dated 17 August 1846
PRICE: $150.00 Buy
Year: 1847
Description: Folded lettersheet from Odessa to Cattaro (Austria), clear "Odessa 25 Iunja 1847" boxed cancel and transit postmarks
PRICE: $150.00 Buy
Year: 1857
Description: From Belgrad to Steyr
PRICE: $150.00 Buy
Year: 1871
Description: Folded letter sheet from Constantinopol to Odessa , with clear strike "Konstantinopol Iun 8" and arrival "OChischeno v odesscom Carantine 26 Iun " (Desinfected in Odessa carantine)
PRICE: $300.00 Buy