Baltic States Specialized

Scott: 1-6var
Description: Complete set in gutter tete beche pairs
MINT/LH: $50.00 Buy
Scott: 1var
Description: Vertical pair with double perforation used
USED: $25.00 Buy
Scott: 2a
Description: gutter blk of 4
USED: $10.00 Buy
Scott: 16
Description: margin pair, disturbed gum
MINT/LH: $100.00 Buy
Scott: 42var
Description: Block of 4, triple print,one inverted
MINT/LH: $20.00 Buy
Scott: B1a-3a
Description: ** gutter blks of 4, never hinged
MNH: $30.00 Buy
Scott: B14
Michel: 30
Description: Tete beche pair & overprint, perforate
MINT/LH: $25.00 Buy
Scott: B18var
Description: two perforation varieties
MINT/LH: $20.00 Buy
Scott: J6P
Description: imperforate blk of 4, double print, one inverted
MINT/LH: $100.00 Buy
Description: Cover to New York
USED: $35.00 Buy
Description: **Horses, block of 4, never hinged
MNH: $50.00 Buy
Description: **tete beche gutter block of 4, never hinged
MNH: $100.00 Buy
Description: 12s on picture postcard to Usa, with US due postmarks
USED: $50.00 Buy
Description: 25s tied by IIIrd estonian philatelic congress on cover to Germany
USED: $50.00 Buy
Description: 25c blue tied by advertising cancel on cover to London
USED: $35.00 Buy

Estonia Postcards

Description: RAKVERE local issue 10k on 3k unused
MINT/LH: $250.00 Buy
Michel: HK1.01
Description: 10s Advertising lettercard w "Tallinna Vinavabrik " advertisment inside and "Sabsay & Ko",only 1634 issued
MINT/LH: $300.00 Buy
Michel: HK1.02
Description: Series 2 only 1048 issued
MINT/LH: $300.00 Buy
Michel: HK1.03
Description: Series 3,only 1053issued
MINT/LH: $300.00 Buy
Michel: HK1.04
Description: Series 4,only 1043 issued
MINT/LH: $300.00 Buy
Michel: HK1.05
Description: Series 5,only 1060 issued
MINT/LH: $300.00 Buy
Michel: HK1.06
Description: Series 6,only 1054 issued
MINT/LH: $300.00 Buy
Michel: HK1.07
Description: Series 7, only 1042 issued
MINT/LH: $300.00 Buy
Michel: HK1.08
Description: Series 8,only 1057 issued
MINT/LH: $300.00 Buy