Cival War - Batum

Batum Imperial Russia Post

Description: 10k horiz. laid tied by "Batum Kutais. 28 FEV.1891" on 10k stationary to Berlin, backstamped
USED: $100.00 Buy
Description: 7k stationary envelope from Moscow to Batum, arrival ""Batum.Kutaiss.12 Janv.1891,"3") cancel
USED: $35.00 Buy
Scott: 0c
Description: Picture postcard from "Batum 21.5.08" (stamp removed ) to Bulgaria
PRICE: $25.00 Buy
Description: 4k horiz laid tied by "Batum P.O.1. 5 Noja 1901 Zakavk." on postcard to Switzerland, "TPO 96" and Swiss arrival postmarks
USED: $75.00 Buy
Description: Additional listings of Batum related postal history see SHIPMAIL and Allied Intervention in Russia

Batum (British occupation)

Description: During the British occupation, the stock of postage stamps started to run out, and in February 1919 the administration produced its own stamps. ."
Description: Provisional handstamp"...collected 15k in cash , due to abscence of stamps" alongside with negative c.d.s "Batumskaya Kontora #1"
PRICE: $350.00 Buy
Scott: 1-6
Description: Complete set
MINT/LH: $50.00 Buy
Description: Overprinted Batum stationary postcard used on registered postcard from Novocherkassk to germany
USED: $400.00 Buy
Scott: 2
Description: 10k blue,
MNH: $5.00 Buy
MINT/LH: $3.00 Buy
USED: $10.00 Buy
Scott: 7
Description: 10r on 1k
MINT/LH: $75.00 Buy
USED: $75.00 Buy
Scott: 8
Michel: 8
Description: 10r on 3k imperforate
MINT/LH: $15.00 Buy
Scott: 9
Michel: 9
Description: 10r on 5k w/certificate
MINT/LH: $950.00 Buy
USED: $950.00 Buy
Scott: 10
Michel: 10
Description: 10r on 10k on 7k, with certificate
MINT/LH: $975.00 Buy
Scott: 13-20
Description: Complete set
MINT/LH: $50.00 Buy
Scott: 17
Description: 2r pink,
MNH: $3.00 Buy
MINT/LH: $2.00 Buy
USED: $10.00 Buy
Scott: 17
Description: 2r blks of 4, two distinct shades,never hinged
MNH: $35.00 Buy
Scott: 18
Description: **3r purple
MINT/LH: $2.00 Buy
USED: $10.00 Buy
Scott: 21
Michel: 19
Description: 10r on 3k
MINT/LH: $25.00 Buy
Scott: 21var
Michel: 20
Description: 10 on 3k ovpt inverted
MINT/LH: $500.00 Buy
Scott: 22
Michel: 21a
Description: 15r on 1k
MINT/LH: $50.00 Buy
Scott: 23
Michel: 21b
Description: 1k imperforate,black overprint
USED: $150.00 Buy
Scott: 23var
Michel: 21b
Description: Overprint inverted,
MINT/LH: $750.00 Buy
USED: $750.00 Buy