Russia Postal History - Basarabia.


Year: 1904
Description: "Shendriany Bessarab.G30.VIII.1904. tied 10k pair on registered cover to Switzerland
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Year: 1881
Description: "Tatarbunar 28 Dek 1880" c.d.s on money letter to Mount A alongside with 5 wax seals, with"1r enclosed" & Odessa c.d
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Year: 1894
Description: "Tarutino Bessar..G.17 iun 1894" c.d.s on lettercard , arrival "Tarutino Bessar.G 18 VI 1894"and TPO cancels
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Year: 1906
Description: 1,20,25k tied by" Kishinev 6.II.1906" on registered money letter from Kishinev to Kiev
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Year: 1880
Description: Money letter for 21 rub from BAIRAICHEEVSK via Odessa to Mount Athos
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Description: Registered court cover from Kishinev to Yedintsy with manuscruipt notations" :Paid fee for Messenger 1r 50k ,for Postman 15k
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