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4k strip of 3 tied by St.Petersburg cancel on cover to St.Petersburg. The middle stamps has a variety "Broken frame at left"

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"For the weight for 1 lot 10k" straight line cancel on front of letter sheet to Riga

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Folded lettersheet from Ofen (Budapest today) to "Riga 8.jan.1834"," To collect tax from Austria to Radzivilov and for the weight to Riga 40 S.M., 60 K.M.", postmarks,uncollected and returned

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Reg. letter from Germany to Riga,forwarded via " Brody 25 Oct 1832, straight line "To collect tax from Toreine to Radzivilov, and for the weight till Kremenetz 45S.M,60k.m (handwritten)", "Riga 1832 Sen 25" cancel and German return receipt intact

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20k single franking tied by St.petersburg csncel to France with censored wax seal

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1,7k tied by "Alekseevo-Leonovo 1.11.14" on cover to England

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