Russia Postal History - Stampless Covers

Year: 1861
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Year: 1861
PRICE: $250.00 Buy


Year: 1850
Description: "Derpt march 30 1850 Dorpat" bylingual cancel on folded lettersheet to Germany
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Goldingen (Kurland Gov.)

Year: 1805
Description: Folded lettersheet to Riga, the erliest known cancel
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Year: 1807
Description: Red straight line cancel on folded lettersheet to Riga
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Year: 1808
Description: Black straight line cancel on folded letter sheet to Mitava
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Jacobstdt (Kurland Gov.)

Year: 1813
Description: The earliest known cancel on incoming folded lettersheet from Germany
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Year: 1851
Description: Cover from Mogilev with Kamenets-Podolsk. 1851 fev" c.d.s and double straight line "Mogilev Fevrala 22 dnya 1851"
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Description: Stampless cover to moscow with faint straight line "KACTPAMA" the earliest recorded type of cancel (Dobin0.01)
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Year: 17..
Description: Cover to Moscow with faint "KACTPAMA" straight line cancel on back, this is the earliest recorded cancel )Dobin type 0.01)
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Year: 1849
Description: Prepaid folded lettersheet from Kharkov to Bordeaux, boxed "Kharkov 25 Nov 1849" and arrival Bordeaux cancels
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Year: 1872
Description: Folded lettersheet from Kharkov to France ,transit Moscow c.d.s and arrival postmarks
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Scott: 1461800
Description: Krasnojarsk straight line cancel, the earliest known
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Year: 1853
Description: Boxed "Kozlov 01 Iul 1853" postmark on folded lettesrheet to Tambov
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Year: 18..
Description: Circular date stamp on local folded lettersheet
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