Worldwide-Stamps of French Colonies from Andorrs to Wallis & Futuna Isl.

Description: **Collection of better stamps all lightly hinged
PRICE: $500.00 Buy
Description: **Collection of of never hinged sets
PRICE: $225.00 Buy
Description: **collection of cpt sets, never hinged
PRICE: $100.00 Buy
Description: Small collection of mostly complete sets, issued without gum
PRICE: $100.00 Buy
Description: group of 11 airmail covers from Vietnam to various destination including USA, France, India, Czechoslovakia, Algere,Italy
PRICE: $300.00 Buy
Description: 1946 USA consular cover from Vietnam, tied by U.S. c.d.s on arrival
PRICE: $50.00 Buy
Description: 3stationary envelopes and card all originated in Vietnam adressed to Paris, Saigon and Germany
PRICE: $100.00 Buy
Description: 1947 french stamps tied by "Postae Armees 405" on cover to USA,scarce french soldier's mail
PRICE: $50.00 Buy
Scott: 8/11
Description: Group of used stamps, Scott retail val.86.75
PRICE: $40.00 Buy
Scott: C1-11
Description: Complete set lightly hinged
PRICE: $100.00 Buy
Scott: 1-7,9
Description: all neatly canceled
PRICE: $10.00 Buy
Scott: 3-7,9-15
Description: 4c-2fr , original gum,all lightly hinged
PRICE: $125.00 Buy
Scott: 3
Description: ** 4c, never hinged
PRICE: $5.00 Buy
Scott: 4
Description: ** 5c never hinged
PRICE: $5.00 Buy
Scott: 6
Description: 20c, lightly hinged
PRICE: $7.50 Buy
Scott: 7
Description: 25c, lightly hinged
PRICE: $5.00 Buy
Scott: 9
Description: 35c,lightly hinged
PRICE: $5.00 Buy